Bang Energy: The Fitness Meme

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You've seen them on TikTok, promoted by famous influencers such as Danielle Cohn, Jojo Siwa and Brad Castleberry.
What is this so called potent brain and body fuel, and is the Bang CEO Jack Owoc a genius?


Supplements, when correctly dosed do have their place in nutritional plans, especially if you have some type of nutritional deficiency or condition that requires them.

I personally take creatine, caffeine, a multi-vitamin and fish oils correctly dosed.

Unfortunately as cool as super creatine, ultra coq10 and bcaa's sound, they are almost certainly under dosed in bang energy drinks.

The most probable reason they are included is so they can legally advertise these ingredients in bold on the cans.

Which becomes problematic when they are marketed deceptively towards a mostly young, naive audience on Tiktok.

The USA version of Bang Energy was used in this video.

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CEO Jack Owoc: 01:49​
The Marketing: 04:51
Bold Scientific Claims: 07:49​
Caffeine: 11:05​
The Truth About Supplements: 13:08
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