My 7 Months Natural Body Transformation||MY FITNESS JOURNEY|| Lockdown Transformation||Crazy Fitness

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This is my past 7 months natural body transformation. The first couple pictures I had not started training yet and those are my childhood picture, just to show everyone what I looked like growing up so that others can relate. Once I stared getting older I got really into video games, movies and much more which led me to bad eating and not being active like I use to be. My body had changed from CHUBBY to "FAT" I always felt that I was different, I never really fit in and people around started oppressing me, so all I needed was to change my lifestyle. Hence I decided to make change I watched a lot of motivational and workout videos to keep myself motivated and to make my vision into reality I trained over again and again.

Due to career goals and health problems I had to take break from my fitness lifestyle, if I have few bad days that doesn't mean that every time will be same, I didn't give up I got back on track - 14th march 2020 during the pandemic time.

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